11 Jul 2017

What is new in eComlogic 6.0

ActionAssistant (an intellectual assistant for getting repeated sales), new customer card, bulk mailings on segments, section with detailed analytics on Email and SMS, new version of API and etc.
29 Jun 2017

How to collect data in e-commerce properly: 9+ recommendations

How to optimize gathering of standard customer information, plus recommendations for niche online stores.
23 Jun 2017

How to start independent control of finances in online store

Sooner or later, online store comes to the moment of necessity in evaluating results of carried out work. The accountant says that the report will be ready at the end of the quarter and in a week it is time to make a large prepayment for warehouse’s rent. Moreover it’s unclear why the bank account has almost no money left. How to avoid such problem and why the store needs its own financial accounting — we will tell in the article.
19 Jun 2017

Integration of eComlogic with DHL and FedEx deliveries

World leaders among delivery services have arrived in our marketplace
5 May 2017

How to import data from eComlogic to PowerBI

Oleg Basmanov is a web analyst in online store. He has shared his integration experience of eComlogic with Microsoft Power BI.
17 Apr 2017

eComlogic is worked out for us as a wonderful, simple tailor-made order system

Today we share the experience of the owner of Quality Home Shopping Ab Visser. He told us his doubts about choosing a foreign ecommerce system, how he had overcome it and what benefits he got after the integration.
14 Apr 2017

With eComlogic we removed daily routine in CPA networks

Today Sujeet Kumar shared his experience of selling online in India: peculiarities and habits of local customers, problems he faced working in e-commerce, and how it can be solved with the help of automation.
4 Apr 2017

Setting up the working time of online store

It is possible to set up the working time in eComlogic. There will be more precise analytics and less confusion.
31 Mar 2017

How to work with loyalty in order to make every 3rd customer a regular one. Case of “”

Maximilian Vali is a head of online store “”. He has told what problems he faced in scaling and how they were solved by means of automation. Bonus: at the end of the case you are waited by author’s method of salary calculation from Maximilian.
26 Jan 2017

Business has become clear in terms of efficiency

Online Shop “Bysound” sells musical instruments in Belarus. Its founder Pavel Gilevich is telling about peculiarities of local e-commerce, difficulties encountered and how to make business clear in terms of efficiency.