26 Jan 2017

Business has become clear in terms of efficiency

Online Shop “Bysound” sells musical instruments in Belarus. Its founder Pavel Gilevich is telling about peculiarities of local e-commerce, difficulties encountered and how to make business clear in terms of efficiency.
18 Jul 2016

Conversion of website visitors into orders has increased by at least 20% and sales in regions by 10% with eComlogic in our business

Company OOO “Top100" is included into THERMEX group of companies - the largest Russian producer of water heaters and heating equipment. The unit has two online stores at the moment. Aside from water heaters, there are also goods for garden, household appliances and goods for beauty and health on sale. Besides, we are engaged in orders processing of THERMEX main website and Garanterm brand.
18 Jul 2016

Working with goods in eComlogic 5.0 is even more convenient and productive

Different units can now be set to different goods, there is email field on warehouse page and through API from integration delivery in eComlogic it is possible to transfer any data, even the tariff or delivery type.
17 Jul 2016

Interface of eComlogic has become friendlier

It has become even more pleasant to work in eComlogic this summer - we have redesigned some aspects of the system interface in favor of convenience and usability. So, now you can set up a homepage which will be seen by each user when entering the eComlogic, if the task on calling back to the customer was created - you can dial a number directly from the pop-up notification on it and drop-down lists with managers are always sorted alphabetically now.
15 Jul 2016

Some improvements of order processing in eComlogic 5.0

SMS are not just being cancelled now but are trying to be delivered, you can set orders distribution, ignoring responsible customer manager and there are additional filters in telephony reports and many other things.
30 Jun 2016

“A year after eComlogic implementation our income increased 4-5 times. It was an incremental process, an important shift for us”

Fiziosfera is a company specialized on helping people in questions of conservative treatment. We try to cover the broadest spectre of physiotherapeutic procedures. Due to this we can offer our customers a wide range of biomedical engineering and procedures capable of significantly improving human life without operation. Just think that earlier a man with a spinal disc herniation in most cases got an operation. And now with the help of electrophoresis procedure, whereby an electric current moves from one electrode to another is capable to bring a cure to the disease site. And all this is at home. For the last year, our company succeeded in helping several hundred people to get away from operation and normalize the quality of their life. And we consider it to be a good indicator.
28 Jun 2016

Trigger updates in eComlogic

Starting from this month, using triggers became a way more convenient: now you can see the actions made by triggers, set their working priority, cancel template sending inside the trigger and much more.
23 Jun 2016

Telegram-bot, mobile app and Order management system in flower business

Today we shared the experience of the founder and owner of flower shop Vladimir Shirokov. Vladimir was working in large international companies, such as Samsung, L’Oreal, Philip Morris for more than 5 years. And one fine day he decided to make a flower startup. We present you the record of Vladimir’s presentation at eComlogic April conference.
22 Jun 2016

“We’ve been using eComlogic to the utmost for half a year. The number of customers has doubled!”

Today we publish a case with CARDO development director Oleg Kuznets. CARDO is a manufacturing company. It produces fashionable women’s clothes under two private brands — CARDO and NOMES.
2 Jun 2016

eComlogic 5.0 presentation: highlights firsthand

We continue the series of articles with speaker reports from the last conference about e-commerce Order management system implementation practice. Today we present performances of eComlogic CEO Dmitry Borozdin and eComlogic CTO Ilyas Salikhov. The colleagues will speak about most interesting moments of new version, updated tariffs line and also about company plans for future.